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Winter Gym Reminders
Hi Hawk Fans! Here are a couple important reminders... Here...
CAYBBA Traveling Transfer Policy
CAYBBA Traveling Basketball Transfer Policy In keeping with CAYBBA's...
Winter Gym Reminders

Hi Hawk Fans! Here are a couple important reminders...

  1. Here comes winter! Please remember that with winter weather we need to do our part to keep the gym floors clean and dry.
    1. Have your players carry their basketball shoes in their bag, and change into them once inside the building, before they enter the gym.
    2. Leave wet and/or dirty shoes/boots in the hall outside the gym.
    3. Parents and coaches should do the same, please!
  2. Gym space and time is valuable to every team, every player, every user. Please respect those using the gym before and after you.
    1. Do not enter the gym until your official start time, so you do not disrupt those in front of you. Coaches, we rely on you to keep your team out of the gym until your start time.
    2. If a Chaska HS team is in the gym before you, you must wait until they are done with their practice or game, even if it runs late.
    3. Leave the gym as quickly as possible once your practice time is over.

Thanks to all for your cooperation and help!!!

by posted 12/06/2015
CAYBBA Traveling Transfer Policy
CAYBBA Traveling Basketball Transfer Policy

In keeping with CAYBBA's mission to develop youth basketball players and support the Chaska High School basketball program, the CAYBBA Board has decided to terminate the current Waiver/Transfer program.  We will no longer accept pre-tryout transfers into our traveling basketball program.

All players that have played for CAYBBA in the past on a Waiver will be grandfathered in and will be allowed to continue to participate in CAYBBA traveling basketball.  Also, children of current CAYBBA Board members will be allowed to participate in CAYBBA traveling basketball regardless of their place of residence.


Players that live outside the District 112 boundaries and are enrolled in schools inside the district boundaries will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

In situations where additional players are needed to form teams after tryouts, CAYBBA will work in cooperation with CAA to attempt to fill teams.

by posted 08/04/2013
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